98% Delhi Govt School Students Passed Class XII Board Exams 2020

The class 12 students in Delhi secured an overall pass percentage of about 94.39 percent in the board exams. There is an improvement of about 2.5 percentage points compared to the last year’s board exam results. Delhi has been registered as the topmost city in the nation that has secured higher pass percentages by the Delhi Government school students.

Arvind Kejriwal, the Chief Minister of Delhi posted a tweet on his microblogging website to congratulate the students. The tweet reads, ‘Congratulations to my Team Education, all students, teachers, parents and education officers. Proud of you all.’ All the Government schools in Delhi had surpassed the mark of 90% pass percentage for the first time in the year 2018.

98% Delhi Govt School Students Passed Class XII Board Exams 2020

In the previous year, this mark has been improved to 94.29%. This year, this percentage mark has been enhanced to 97.68% in Delhi East and 97.91% in the administrative region of Delhi West. Manish Sisodia, the Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi also admired the students looking at their results. He posted a tweet that reads, ‘Over the past 5 years, we at #DelhiGovtSchools have been competing with ourselves to break our own record each time. This year is no exception… Congrats to students, parents & Team Education.’

The rise in the Delhi Government School pass percentages contributes the maximum percentage towards the increase in the overall pass percentage in Delhi. Apart from the Government schools, various private schools in Delhi have acquired a gradual increase from 90.68 percent to 91.69 percent this year for Delhi East. In Delhi West, the percentage has been slightly increased to 92.12 percent.

Besides the pass percentage, the strength of students who took part in the exams from various Government schools of Delhi was comparatively higher. From private schools, a total of 101614 students had appeared for the exams. On the other hand, about 113013 students from Delhi East and West had taken part in the final board exams.

This sort of inclination in the pass percentages was also witnessed in the Northeast region of Delhi. The principal of one of the government schools in Khajuri Khas said that his school had recorded a pass percentage of 98 percent. It’s the first time for the school to register the highest pass percentage till now. In the previous year, that school had registered 94.47 percent.

Amid the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Government schools in Delhi had registered an increased pass percentage this year. Get to know the latest updates about various educational news on this website.

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