All Maharashtra Universities Likely to Conduct Final Exams After 15th May 2020

The entire nation is currently suffering a lot due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic. As a result, several exams were postponed and some of them were cancelled due to the nation-wide lockdown. Maharashtra is one of the top states that has a plethora of COVID-19 cases. Recently, all the Government universities in Maharashtra have decided not to conduct the final exams before 15th May 2020. The reason is that this state has got an increasing number of coronavirus cases compared to other states.

We all know that a couple of days back, PM Narendra Modi took part in the cabinet meeting with all the state CMs. Finally, they decided to extend the country-wide lockdown until 30th April 2020. Earlier, the Central Government planned to lift the lockdown by 14th April. As per the latest reports, Bhagat Singh Koshyari, the Governor of Maharashtra organized a virtual meeting with the state’s university administrators.

All Maharashtra Universities Likely to Conduct Final Exams After 15th May

During the meeting, he took the opinions of all the Universities’ vice-chancellors in the state. He asked them whether it is possible to conduct the final university exams in this condition. All the University VCs opined that it is highly arduous to conduct the annual exams before 15th May taking into account the increasing COVID-19 cases.

The vice-chancellor of Mumbai University, Suhas Pednekar opened up and expressed his opinion about conducting the exams. He said, ‘Even after lifting the lockdown at some point, it is not a good thing to permit the students to enter into the colleges in huge numbers. The Maharashtra Universities also asked the Governor to utilize their emergency funds to help the COVID-affected people. By providing the COVID-19 kits, masks, sanitizers and more, it can help improve the condition of the state.

The Education Minister of the state also formed a 6-member task force to think about a plan on conducting the final exams in the state. The specific task force people mentioned that conducting the final exams before 15th May is not recommended amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Moreover, the VCs of the respective universities yet aren’t prepared to conduct the University annual exams in this current situation.

The Universities of Maharashtra also asked the task force to prepare another academic calendar ensuring no students’ education will be disturbed. Until then, we advise all our readers to stay tuned to this website to receive the latest updates about the annual exams and results.

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