All Theory Can be Taught Digitally: Venguswamy Ramaswamy, Global Head, TCS iON

The Global Head of TCS iON, Venguswamy Ramaswamy is a highly experienced man rendering copious digital learning solutions at TCS. It’s been more than 25 years since offering his services at Tata Consultancy Services. In recent times, he gave an interview and spoke about a few valuable points that are beneficial for the country. During the interview, Ramaswamy said that the private sector needs to play a substantial role to build skilling India.

It’s not just the responsibility of the Government to develop the country by all means. It may not just be possible only by the government to bring about change. The private sector has to take part in this development to make skilling nation. When asked about the significant role of the private sector in skilling India, he said that the private sector has been playing a vital role in education and skilling. This way, both the Government and private sectors have become key players in enhancing the educational levels in India.

All Theory Can be Taught Digitally: Venguswamy Ramaswamy

Currently, the private sector has been striving hard to improve the talent among the students based on the present market requirements and organizations. Moreover, the private sector is trying to bring more technological advancements by teaching soft skills, technical and function-specific talents among the young generation. Some of the businesses have been providing adequate financial support to start-up firms in the form of training, interacting, and orienteering.

On one side, we have been witnessing an ample number of advancements in various sectors. Still, there are a few challenges that the country has been confronting. Those challenges are suppressing the further development in the country. It includes diminishing standards of women’s contribution to the personnel, lessened utilization of digital tools, and more. To make India another highly skillful country across the globe, all the aforementioned challenges must be handled.

TCS iON has been striving hard to bring periodic development through upskilling the youth in India. It has also collaborated with the NSDC and made heavy investments in large-scale platforms, infrastructure, and content. In recent times, NSDC rendered TCS iON Digital Glass Room to its training partners. Through this initiative, it transforms classroom training skills to the digital mode for lakhs of students. On the other hand, the Automotive Skills Development Council (ASDC) has spread TCS iON solutions to enhance reliability, credibility, and sturdiness in various skill development procedures.

In the current consequence, digital classes need to be improved a lot across the country. All theory can be taught in digital mode. Considering the hands-on skills training, there must be an adequate balance between practical and digital training. The global head of TCS iON had highlighted all these points during the interview. Get to know more updates about the latest technology advancements in various sectors on this website.

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