Assam Schools to Reopen Regular Classes from 1st January 2021

The State Government of Assam finally announced that all the schools will run in a regular mode amid following the essential COVID-19 restrictions starting from 1st January 2021. The Government made this announcement on Monday. As of now, the concerned government school authorities have been functioning the classes for the students of class 6 and onwards in a phased manner. According to the latest announcement, the classes from nursery to 6th class will reopen on 1st January next year.

Assam Schools to Reopen Regular Classes from 1st Jan

Himanta Biswa Sarma, the Education Minister of Assam said, ‘From January 1, all restrictions on schools will be withdrawn. Regular classes will begin. Only a mask will be required and social distance norms will be followed. All classes will start, ending the pattern of staggered classes we were following till now.’ During a press conference, the minister said that the situation of the COVID-19 pandemic in the state has increased significantly.

All the academic restrictions levied due to the pandemic will be lifted starting the first month of 2021. As a result, students can emphasize their education from the next academic year. The education minister of Assam, Sarma said that the government made this decision considering the decreased level of the COVID-19 cases in Assam compared to the recent past. The state registered a total of 146 positive cases out of 28560 tests on Monday. It means the positivity rate of the coronavirus pandemic in the state is 0.51 percent as of now.

The Minister for Health and Family Welfare, Sarma said that the staggered mode of attendance of various classes will be withdrawn with the regular functioning of classes at all levels reviving from the beginning of the new year. He further stated that every person must wear masks, use sanitizers, and follow social distancing precautions on the school premises. The minister said that the education department will release a new Standard Operating Procedure [SOP] in this regard.

It is well known that all the educational institutions across the state of Assam were shut since 20th March 2020. From September, the state government held staggered classes for the higher class students. On the other hand, elementary schools continued to remain closed in the state. In recent times, the minister announced that the elementary classes will commence in January. The hostels for the school and college students alongside the residential students of 10th and 12th classes will commence from 15th December. Stay in touch with our website to get the latest educational updates such as the exams, results, and more.

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