Calcutta University to Give 3 Hours to Write Online Exams from Home

The University of Calcutta has scheduled to conduct the final year semester examinations online starting from 1st October 2020. The exams will be wrapped up by 18th October. As per the latest report, the University has decided to give 3 hours to its UG and PG candidates to answer papers for final year semester exams online from home. Earlier, Calcutta University has announced that it will provide 24 hours to the students. But now, the decision has been changed on Saturday.

Calcutta University to Give 3 hours for Online Exams

The official said, ‘It has been decided that students in both UG and PG levels will write their papers in three hours. To address any possible network glitches, half an hour to one hour time will be allotted.’ The official further said that the University of Calcutta will issue an official notification regarding the same. On Saturday, the faculty council organized an emergency meeting.

After the UGC decided to give 24 hours to the candidates for writing papers that were equivalent to open book consultation, the University later changed it to 3 hours. Get to know the latest educational updates on this website such as exams, results, and more.

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