CBSE to Introduce Three New Subjects for Class 11 from 2020-21

The Central Board of Secondary Education [CBSE] has made the latest announcement on 7th April 2020. As per the latest news, CBSE has planned to introduce three new subjects for class 11 from the next academic session i.e., 2020-21. The three new subjects include Physical Activity Trainer, Artificial Intelligence and Design Thinking.

Aiming to make the new generation much more innovative and physically fit at the workplace, the board has decided to introduce the aforementioned subjects. In the current highly advanced technological era, the upcoming generations must be aware of the global enhancements and necessities at the place of work. To enhance such skills in the aspirants, the CBSE board is in full swing to introduce the new subjects.

CBSE to Introduce Three New Subjects

The Director Training and Skill Education, Biswajit Saha said, ‘While thinking is a skill that all humans possess, the 21st century’s requirement is of critical thinking and problem-solving. Design Thinking is a systematic process of thinking that opens up the horizons of creativity and enables even the most conditioned thinkers to bring about new and innovative solutions to the problems at hand.’

With the help of the Physical Activity Trainer subject, the students will be able to develop trainer skills as well as a life skill. To keep the mind and body healthy, an individual must and should have some physical activity. On the other hand, the entire world will move on artificial intelligence in the imminent future. Moreover, artificial intelligence is just the imitation of humans’ unlimited thinking abilities.

The director of the board further said that keeping this in mind, the concerned authorities have decided to introduce these subjects to the curriculum. Apart from the new courses, the board has already introduced 17 skill subjects for the secondary level and 37 skills subjects to the senior secondary level students. This helps the candidates to upgrade their skills and explore innumerable career opportunities.

The board informed the management of different schools to make the students choose at least one or more skill courses in their 9th and 10th classes. The new subjects will be introduced from the upcoming academic session 2020-21. For more educational stuff, stay tuned to our website.

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