Delhi: Private Schools Allowed to Reopen, Seeks Parents Opinion for the Way Ahead

After lifting the nationwide lockdown and rolling out the new unlock rules, some of the private school authorities have been planning to reopen the schools. The Union Health Ministry has allowed the schools to reopen from 21st September upon acquiring permission from the parents. Following the guidelines of the ministry, few private schools in Delhi have started consulting the parents of senior students whether they are willing to send their children to school.

Delhi Private Schools Allowed to Reopen

Earlier, Ministry said that interested students can seek guidance from their teachers at their corresponding schools. As per the latest guidelines, the schools that don’t fall under containment zones will be permitted to reopen from 21st September especially for the students of classes 9 to 12. The students who need additional guidance from the teachers besides participating in online classes can attend the schools. The attendance will be voluntary based on the interest of the students.

For this, the school authorities have been trying to understand the willingness of the parents. Tania Joshi, the Principal of The Indian School said, ‘We have formulated a consent form and sent it to parents through our PTA representatives and signatures of both parents will be required. The Health Department has provided us with guidelines which will be kept in mind, but at the micro-level schools will also create their own SOPs depending on the number of students we are likely to see according to the parental response.’

The Health Department has released an SOP that comprises necessary precautions that the schools must follow to ensure the safety of children and staff. The key precautions include sanitizing the work locations in the schools using 1 percent sodium hypochlorite solution, thermal screening at the entry point of every school, using hand sanitizers, and following social distancing precautions. The reopening of schools highly relies on the confidence of parents regarding the safety of their kids.

S K Bhattacharya, the President of Action Committee of Unaided Recognized Private Schools said, ‘Since schools will eventually have to re-open and the only way is to take complete precautions, we framed these guidelines to prepare ourselves early so we can be fully geared when the time comes. We are trying our best to prepare not just schools but everyone involved in the process, including parents since we need to build their level of confidence. Any school which wants to prepare and need a point of reference can draw from it.’ It is an association with a total of 400 private schools operating for which the SOP has been issued.

From 21st September, some of the schools will be reopened amid proper safety precautionary measures. Stay tuned to this website to get the latest educational updates such as exams, results, and more.

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