Education will be the New Medium of India’s Engagement with Southeast Asia Says Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked IIT-Guwahati on Tuesday to set up centers for Indian knowledge systems and disaster management. He said that education will become a new medium of the country’s engagement with Southeast Asia. On Tuesday, IIT-Guwahati organized its 22nd convocation ceremony.

Education will be the New Medium of India’s Engagement with Southeast Asia Says Modi

During the video conferencing, Modi addressed the occasion and said, ‘I believe that through a modern and scientific process, we can turn cultural knowledge, skills, and beliefs into rich and cutting edge professional development programs. I suggest that IIT-Guwahati plays an important role in this …. Through this, we can contribute invaluably to the northeast, India, and the world.’

Modi further added, ‘This region of the Northeast is also the center of India’s Act East Policy. This region is also a gateway to India’s relation with South East Asia, Culture, Commerce, Connectivity, and Capacity have been the mainstay of relations with these countries. Now education is going to be another new medium.’

By considering education as our new medium of engagement with South East Asia, IIT Guwahati can be the massive center and provide North-East a unique identity and abundant opportunities. Modi strongly encouraged IIT Guwahati to support the Northeastern region in alleviating the numerous natural disasters that hinder the region.

During the video conference, Modi stressed a point that there is a massive significance of the Northeast region in the foreign affairs of the nation. He further added, ‘The northeast is the center for India’s Act East Policy. It is also the gateway to India’s relations with Southeast Asia… Now, education will become a new medium for engagement.’

PM then brought the topic of NEP 2020 and said that it permits foreign universities to establish offshore campuses in the country. This way, it helps Indian students to acquire Indian exposure. He then said NEP was actually designed and introduced for the needs of the 21st century. The National Educational Policy would make India a global leader in science and technology. Modi then said, ‘I firmly believe that the future of a nation is what its youth think today. Your dreams are going to shape the reality of India. This is the time to be future-ready.’

Despite the pandemic situation across the nation, the students at the institute continued their research works which are truly appreciable. He congratulated everyone for their contribution towards making the nation self-reliant. To get the latest education news such as the exams, results, and more, keep visiting KVPY.ORG.IN.

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