Educationist Suggests Rescheduling of The Academic Calendar: COVID-19

All the states across the country have witnessed a distortion in the academic calendars due to the perilous COVID-19 outbreak in the nation. The scheduled academic calendars went muddled due to the impact of the coronavirus and the nationwide lockdown. Different education boards in all the states are still waiting for the right time to conduct the final exams for the students of different grades. Due to the current situation in the country, several educationists and parents are quite bothered.

The educationists are anxious about the upcoming academic calendar 2020-21 as the ongoing academics went amiss. One of the educationists and the principal of the Pre-University College in Dakshina Kannada District, CK Manjunath wrote a letter to the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In the letter, he suggested few steps to the Centre to aid design the next academic calendar 2020-21 in a precise way.

Educationist Suggests Rescheduling of The Academic Calendar

He also spoke to one of the news channels regarding the necessary actions that must be taken to reschedule the academic year 2020-21 from the months between June and September. By rescheduling the calendar, it will aid finish the current academic year’s incomplete exams of 10th and 12th classes and some other entrance level exams without any difficulty. Further, it becomes easy to declare the results in the right way.

In his perception, he said that the upcoming academic year should be constrained to 8 months i.e., from September to April sans giving any break [exception to Sundays and Government Holidays]. Further, they can segregate the academic year into two semesters with 4 months for each semester. As a result, there will be a limited syllabus each semester.

He further advised the officials to improve the UG and PG semester programmes as well. Speaking about teaching online classes in different places, he said that many below-poverty line students can’t take part in online classes. Despite conducting the online classes for increasing self-motivation among the students, a good education can be provided only via one-to-one interactions. Through online classes, it may not be possible for such personal interactions.

In India, the development of online classes is yet to be established in a well-disciplined way for school-level students. Moreover, the internet facility isn’t good in specific rural locations. Finally, he said that all the educational institutions must encourage the aspirants to practice soft skills at the respective homes in such a situation. We hope our Prime Minister makes a note of all the key points mentioned by the educationist and takes necessary steps accordingly in the current situation.

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