Experts Says, One Education Policy for all States not Feasible

The Modi Government has proposed a new education policy and decided to apply it across various states in India. While some of them supported the Government’s initiative in the education system, some others have opposed the decision. The Government of Bengal has formed a 6-member committee to contemplate and share opinions on the new education policy 2020. One of the panelists of a 6-member committee has expressed an opinion about the same.

One Education Policy for all States not Feasible

As per the experts’ opinion, the idea of pushing one education system on all students across various states regardless of their socio-economic standard is not a practical thought. The committee member wasn’t willing to reveal the name said that a ‘voluminous report’ has been prepared post thoroughly reviewing all the elements of the policy. The member said that the report will be submitted to the State Government in about 2 days.

The committee member said, ‘We have almost readied the report, which will be submitted to the government in a couple of days. I am of the view that in a country of 130 crore population, you cannot thrust a uniform education policy on all states, regardless of their needs and economic status. What can be applicable in Manipur may not make sense in Bengal.’

There are specific aspects of the New Education Policy that doesn’t have certainty and clearness. Some of the aspects include restructuring of 10th class board exams and improvements in primary schools. The member further added that the Centre must have considered the approval of all the states before announcing the new education policy.

The committee member also said that each state has its corresponding board that holds exams up to 10th class, as per the existing education policy. It’s been several years since all the states have been following the prevailing education policy. All of a sudden, it cannot be replaced by a new education policy sans any substitutional system that comes in its place.

The committee member said that the Centre might haven’t considered all these elements before endorsement of the policy. The member has highlighted all these points in the report. He stated that the panel had a tough time comprehending the consequences of specific suggestions made for the higher education system of the country. The report also mentioned that the ‘reason for the abolishment of MPhil for research scholars was not very clear.’

The member said that the new education policy gives a pathway to various foreign universities to establish a foundation in India. It may not be considered as a welcome move as there are copious top-class higher educational institutions across the nation. The Government would express its views on the new education policy to the Centre post the 6-member team submits their detailed report. Check more news updates on education on our website.

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