GATE Books for Linguistics 2021 : Best GATE Linguistics Reference Books

The popular IITs conduct the GATE examination every year to evaluate the knowledge of the students in various subjects. Lakhs of aspirants take up this examination every year to acquire admissions into popular technical institutes across India. The exam is conducted based on the UG subjects in Engineering and Science. It is a challenging exam for the aspirants to get admission in top most institutes. The contenders of Linguistics need adequate preparation whilst preparing for the exam. In this article, we included the list of the significant GATE Books for Linguistics 2021. Check it out!

GATE Books for Linguistics 2021

Linguistics is one of the vital subjects that deal with the scientific study of languages. It comprises the analysis of language form, the language in context, and meaning. In traditional terms, Linguists analyze human language by understanding the effect between sound and meaning. This subject also deals with historical, social, political, and cultural factors influencing language. The key topics involved in Linguistics include Levels of Grammar and Grammatical Analysis, Language and Linguistics, Sociolinguistics, Historical Linguistics, Methods of analysis, and Applied Linguistics. We furnished the list of the best GATE Linguistics Reference Books in this post. Check it out!

Language and Linguistics – An Introduction by Lyons

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This book has been designed to focus on a few vital concepts of Linguistics. Each chapter comprises an extensive range of questions and revision exercises for further understanding of the subject.

The Structure of Language: An Introduction to Grammatical Analysis

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This book comprises an analysis of language structure, blend of description, and theory within a single and practical text. Without taking into account the complex activity, we communicate using language forming words and sentences in a fraction of a second. Sentence patterns across languages are also considered whilst considering the similarities and differences. All these in-depth concepts are explained in this book.

Historical Linguistics: An Introduction by Lyle Campbell

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It includes copious non-Indo-European languages. This book comprises several examples and exercises that aids students learn more about historical linguistics. This edition comprises two new chapters such as quantitative and morphological change approaches.

Sociolinguistics (Cambridge Textbooks in Linguistics)

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The classic topics covered in this book include language, the quantitative study of speech, speech as social interaction, linguistic and social inequality. It is the second edition of this book that has a clear overview of the relationship between language and society.

Modern Applied Linguistics by S.K. Verma and M. Nagarajan N. Krishnaswamy

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At the end of each unit, the students can find exercises related to applied linguistics, different problems, and more. N. Krishnaswamy, S.K. Verma and M. Nagarajan are the authors of this book. It is a must-have book f0r those who study linguistics and literature.

Research Methods in Applied Linguistics

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The vital concepts in this book include different stages of investigations starting from gathering the data to reporting the outcomes. All the concepts are clearly explained in this book that is quite simple to read and understand. This book helps students who want to research in the field of applied linguistics.

GATE Subjectwise Linguistics Books

The students preparing for the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering entrance examination can practice the books aforementioned in this book. To understand this subject with an in-depth explanation, the candidates can find the right preparation books listed in this post. We provided the list of subjectwise GATE reference books in the tabular form below. Check it out!

Hopefully, the best GATE Books for Linguistics 2021 furnished in this article might be helpful for your GATE exam preparation. We hope this article has given enough information about the best Linguistic reference books. To get the latest GATE-specific updates, exam time table, and more, keep in touch with this website.

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