Google’s New Updates Over G Suite, Classroom, Meet to Boost Online Learning

Google, the globally prevalent technology platform has recently announced its latest initiative namely Anywhere School to improve online learning. With the latest initiative, Google rolls out more than 50 new features across various products like G Suite, Meet, Classroom, and more. The tech behemoth also come up with an extensive range of innovative features to Google Classroom and Google Meet. These unique features aid teachers through online learning.

Google Updates Over t to Boost Online Learning

The newly added 50 updates help both the students and teachers for learning and teaching via online mode. The conglomerate officially announced that the 49 meeting participants’ view that the company has introduced in June will roll out next month in Google Meet. The popular technology company has been seeking to extend the participant limit in a tiled view for Meet that provides shelter to about 49 students simultaneously.

The company also augmented new moderation features for Education meetings that will be introduced in September 2020. As a segment of the new controls, moderators acquire the ability to prevent participants from taking part in meetings post they have been declined entry twice or expelled. As per the latest news, this new Google Meet feature will be rolled out by the end of August 2020.

Google Meet

The key features of Google Meet include wrapping up meetings for all participants, handle join requests at great ease in larger amounts, constrain participants who will be present in a session, disable in-meeting chat, and lock meetings till the moderator participates. Besides the aforesaid features, Google Meet also augments new engagement features for the students.

Through this update, the educators can access a new collaborative whiteboard that comes with Jamboard integration in Meet. This video platform will also be compatible with keeping a track of the attendance of the participants. Educators will also be able to replace or simply make the backgrounds blurred and enter into a low-lighting mode on the platform.

Another latest update is that the company will add some other features to Meet such as Q&A and hand-raising options. Further, the company has decided to launch a new temporary recordings feature to the Google Meet update. The temporary recordings feature will be accessible to all the education customers absolutely for free. On the other hand, the premium recordings feature will also be a segment of G Suite Enterprise for Education.

In an official blog post, Google said, ‘With this new feature, any meeting host will be able to record a meeting and share the recording within their domain for up to 30 days before the video expires. They will not be able to share the recording outside their domain or download it.’ 

Google Classroom

To this web service, Google has decided to transform it into a Classroom tool. With this tool, it becomes easy to access for the students as it adds more languages to the interface. The technology giant said, ‘We’ll be launching Classroom in 10 additional languages, including Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, and Urdu. Soon the Classroom will support over 54 languages globally.’

Through this latest update, students can easily take part in classes. As per the update, the teachers will share a link with the students to participate in classes on popular platforms like WhatsApp. Besides, Google also adds a to-do widget to Google Classroom web service that helps students while a to-review widget will be added to help teachers on the class pages.

With the ‘originality reports’ tool added to this feature, it helps teachers to report plagiarism by students. Google further said that educators can access about 3 to 5 originality reports per class. In the case of G Suite Enterprise, educators can access unlimited originality reports. This feature enables educators to download, print, and save reports and further share the same with students, parents, and administrators.

The newly added features to the Google Classroom also includes in-depth integration with various teaching tools and student engagement metrics. The company is also working hard to update the Classroom mobile apps to work in a better way with intermittent connectivity.

G Suite

G Suite is another latest update added by Google. With this feature, administrators can access more powerful tools. The school leaders who own enterprise licenses can access greater visibility into Classroom usage through new Data Studio dashboards. This dashboard displays active classes, keep a track of teacher and student engagement. The company is also seeking to simplify the sync Classroom grades alongside an update to a Student Information System [SIS]. This update will be available to Infinite Campus customers. Stay tuned to this website to get the latest updates about various education news.

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