Gujarat Government Identifies 12 Colleges to be Converted in to Universities

The new National Education Policy [NEP] 2020 has been introduced by the Center in India by making significant changes. After launching NEP 2020, the Government has decided to implement it across different states. However, some of the states have opposed the idea of implementing NEP 2020 in various schools and colleges. Now, the latest news is that the state Education Department of Gujarat has identified 12 colleges in each district that can be converted into Universities.

Gujarat Government Identifies 12 Colleges to be Converted in to Universities

The state education department has conducted copious discussions and deliberations with stakeholders regarding the implementation of NEP 2020 in Gujarat. A total of 12 colleges identified one in each district will be converted into universities, as per the latest report. According to the National Education Policy under Clause No. 9.3 [a] specifies that every district in the state must have a minimum of 1 university.

Considering this clause, the state government of Gujarat had identified 12 districts that don’t have at least a university. The districts present in Gujarat include Aravalli, Bharuch, Botad, Chhota Udepur, Dang, Devbhoomi Dwarka, Dahod, Amreli, Mahisagar, Morbi, Porbandar, and Tapi. Besides identifying the districts that don’t have a single university in Gujarat, the education department also identified one college each in these 12 districts that are capable of being functioned as a university.

All these colleges include technical, non-technical, government, and grant-in-aid colleges. Among the 12 colleges, 9 of them are grant-in-aid colleges while three are government and the remaining 2 of them are women’ colleges. Anju Sharma, the Principal Secretary, Education said, ‘This is one of the recommendations by National Education Policy. Apart from the colleges, we are also looking at the capabilities of the district to sustain a university. Though this would be developed over time, the initial process has commenced.’

As per the NEP 2020 provisions, each taluka of the state must have a college. For implementing this, the education department of the state has identified 18 talukas out of a total of 251 talukas in the state. All these 18 talukas doesn’t have a single college. It includes two talukas from Anand district such as Tarapur and Amreth. Two of them are from Tapi-Kukarmunda and Dolvan talukas. Dholer taluka of Ahmedabad also doesn’t have a single college.

Some other changes introduced in the NEP 2020 have been categorized by the education department of the state under ‘immediate action.’ The changes include identification of different bachelor courses and programmes to have functioned as 4-year, 3-year, or 1-year courses. On the other hand, different master courses and programmes will function a 2-year or 1-year programmes. Stay tuned to this website to get the latest updates about various education news.

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