IIIT-Delhi Launches Coronavirus Awareness App ‘WashKaro’

To combat the risky COVID-19 outbreak, IIIT Delhi has come up with a new app namely ‘WashKaro’. Intending to bring much more awareness among the public on this app, the students of IIIT Delhi have launched this app. The Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, Delhi has initiated the WashKaro app to increase awareness among the public about the coronavirus. This app also provides some innovative tools that assist us in maintaining distance from the pandemic.

The institute has released this app and said in a statement that, ‘WashKaro app aims to provide the right information to people in the right format at the right time. It delivers daily updated content in Hindi as bite-sized audios for those who are unable to read.’ This app comes integrated with a symptom tracker [based on the points from WHO] that aids people in understanding whether they are safe or not.

IIIT-Delhi Launches Coronavirus Awareness App WashKaro

Besides this, the app also provides a CovidTracer that ensures the safety of people when they are nearer to a person with COVID-19 positive. The students have designed this app through Bluetooth technology and for communication purposes, it uses a peer-to-peer network. The users don’t require internet access or location services to access this WashKaro app. Just like other apps, this app doesn’t store data on any of the servers.

onAIr is another interesting feature available on this app. It utilizes Artificial Intelligence [AI] to validate news with WHO announcements. After the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic across the world, several fake news has been spreading across the internet. This app puts an end to such fake news and the spread of misinformation.

Dr. Tavpritesh Sethi, an Assistant Professor of Computational Biology at IIIT Delhi and a Clinical Data Scientist claimed about this app. He said, ‘WashKaro is the first AI-powered infodemic management app that provides a suite of tools to keep users safe at all times by providing authentic audios in Hindi, Bluetooth-based physical distancing and self-tracking.’

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