IIT-Bombay to Use AI to Check Malpractices During Online Exams

IIT-Bombay has planned to execute Artificial Intelligence [AI]-based monitoring systems to track malpractices whilst online examinations in the current semester for all courses. The Deputy Director of Academic and Infrastructural Affairs and Professor S. Sudarshan said that these exams could be organized during the semester in remote proctored mode. The professor informed the same to the students through an email on 5th August 2020.

The students can take part in the online exams right from home using a laptop that supports a camera monitoring them. In the previous month, the institute has announced that a fully online semester will be implemented starting 10th August 2020. For monitoring the students while holding online exams, they will make use of the software. With the help of the software, the concerned authorities can easily track the behavior of the candidate and their computer activities via audio and video recording.

IIT-Bombay to Use AI to Check Malpractices During Online Exams

At the time of holding the exam, the authorities will detect each activity of the candidate. If they try to malpractice, it will be interpreted as cheating. During the final semester exams, the candidates could be instructed to go to a nearby exam venue. The notice issued through an email reads, ‘We are planning to have well-proctored exams at locations across the country for your end-semester exams. This will ensure that cheating cannot occur while allowing you to take the exams close to your home. However, the details still need to be worked out, and will share them once they are finalized, around mid-September.’ 

The candidates who were found being unfair and dishonest during exams will confront action from the concerned authorities. Professor Sudarshan said, ‘Some experiments with proctoring services have been conducted so far. It will involve recording videos of students while they appear for the exam. These services make use of artificial intelligence to monitor behavior, to check that they are not doing anything other than working on the exam.’

However, there are few concerns regarding privacy violation, said Professor Sudarshan. These concerns will be addressed soon before the commencement of the final semester exams. IIT-Bombay also implements an internal application namely ‘Safe’. This app helps in disseminating question papers and gathering the answers. The email further said that approximately 50 people on the campus have been diagnosed with COVID-19 pandemic. The institute has permitted specific students to get back to the campus for those who don’t have access to online learning resources.

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