IIT-Delhi Develops Software to ‘Predict The Spread of Coronavirus’

The researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology [IIT], Delhi have designed and developed a web-based dashboard namely PRACRITI [PRediction and Assessment of CoRona Infections and Transmission in India]. The Institute has come up with an official statement regarding the dashboard. It helps in predicting the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic and also provides district-wise and state-wise predictions in a detailed way.

As per the latest reports, the predictions are provided for 3 weeks and the developers of the dashboard will update it weekly. If the implementation of the dashboard becomes a success, it assists in effectively planning for various scenarios in the future and allocation of resources, says IIT-Delhi. PRACRITI renders the total number of the coronavirus infected cases across each district and state in India.

IIT-Delhi Develops Software to ‘Predict The Spread of Coronavirus’

PRACRITI considers the data from popular sources such as the National Disaster Management Authority [NDMA], World Health Organization [WHO], and the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare [MoHFW]. Professor NM Anoop Krishnan has directed this research in teamwork with a group of volunteers from IIT Delhi and Professor Hariprasad Kodamana.

By knowing the district-wise prediction of the spread of the virus in India through PRACRITI, it becomes a big help for policymakers. It eventually helps them in setting up a  plan for strategic interventions in controlling the spread of COVID-19 in the nation. Professor Krishnan of Civil Engineering Department from IIT Delhi said, ‘Getting the district-wise data is crucial as this will enable authorities to know the exact rate of spread in India locally.’

As per the report from the authorities of IIT, the predictions in the dashboard depends on the recently developed mathematical model. This model segregates the country’s population into 4 classes. It includes susceptible, infected, exposed, and removed. Get to know more latest updates about the spread of COVID-19 cases across the country through this portal.

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