IIT-Kanpur Launches Online Certificate Programme in Blockchain Technology

The Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur [IIT Kanpur] has collaborated with Simplilearn, an online learning platform recently. On Thursday, IIT Kanpur in partnership with Simplilearn announced a professional certificate programme in blockchain technology. The professionals who work as IT professionals, technical leads, software developers, engineers, and analysts can pursue this course.

This new professional certificate course helps in enhancing the most in-demand skills in the blockchain. As per the latest news, the certificate programme is offered to the interested candidates for 4 months. The new course covers noteworthy domains of applications of blockchain technology, bitcoin, platforms that access Blockchain, application building on the hyper ledger, ethereum, and some other prospects.

IIT-Kanpur Launches Online Certificate Programme in Blockchain Technology

The professional certificate programme will be offered to the candidates by distributing into more than 70 hours of applied learning and 50 hours of self-paced learning. Sandeep Shukla, a professor of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Kanpur said, ‘With the application of blockchain growing beyond cryptocurrency, there is an upsurge in blockchain-related jobs. As the demand for talent rises, there is a need to further blockchain education in India and train the upcoming generation of blockchain developers.’

After the completion of the course, the authorities of IIT Kanpur will issue a certificate of completion to the successful candidates. Simplilearn organizes over 1500 live classes with about 70000 learners who spend together more than 500000 hours each month on the learning platform. With the unique programmes offered by Simplilearn, the students can gain upskill and certifications in the respective domains. 

Anand Narayanan, the Chief Product Officer, Simplilearn spoke about the programme. He said, ‘Given the enormous scope of blockchain, organizations across industries are now capitalizing on this technology. The increasing need for simplifying business processes and the need for applications integrated with blockchain technology will drive the overall blockchain market in the coming years.’ For more educational updates, stay in touch with our website.

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