IIT Madras to Provide Academic Flexibility for Students

The Indian Institute of Technology – Madras has announced that it will offer academic flexibility to the students. As per the announcement, the students can choose 50 percent of the courses that they will be pursuing with certain constraints. It also provides the option of studying the complete semester in a foreign university alongside pursuing electives from any discipline.

Out of the available electives, the students are free to select about 8 courses [known as free electives] from any of the 16 departments in IIT-Madras and other approved institutions. By pursuing various diverse courses such as the history of India, economics, artificial intelligence, psychology, machine learning, and more the students can get 72 credits.

The institute made this announcement on Monday i.e., on 19th October 2020. The statement reads that if a student selects 4 such diverse courses in one contiguous region, they will be bestowed a ‘Minor’ in that particular field. The students can find the detailed curriculum at the official website i.e., at https://www.iitm.ac.in/academics/academic-curricula.

Professor V. Jagadeesh Kumar, Dean [Academic Courses] said, ‘The probability of getting a branch change is really small.’ A student pursuing the 4th or 5th semester has a provision to upgrade to a large number of interdisciplinary programs, said the dean in the statement. IIT-Madras has a memorandum of understandings with several foreign universities. Most of the universities are in Europe. A few of them are in the US and other countries across the globe.

As per the latest press release of IIT Madras, the students can have academic flexibility to pursue one entire semester in any of these foreign universities. Irrespective of the preferred courses of the students to pursue in those foreign universities, the IIT Madras will transfer them to their curriculum in the institute. The institute offers another academic option to the students. If the students decide that apart from their B. Tech, they also wish an MBA, they must spend only one more year.

The press release stated that, in such a case, the students can get both their B. Tech and MBA degrees from the institute. The Dean further stated, ‘I do not think any other IIT offers the academic flexibility being provided to students by IIT-Madras. Students can have fun and earn credits too.’ For more educational updates such as the exams, results, and more, do check this website.

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