Intel Works with Hyderabad IIIT and Govt to Set Up AI Research Centre

Intel, the multinational technology firm has collaborated with IIIT Hyderabad and the Government to work on solutions at its AI research center. Intending to diminish road accidents and improve its datasets for driving conditions in the country, the trio have tied up, said the Country Head of Intel India, Nivruti Rai and Vice President, Data Platforms Group, Intel.

The Country Head at Intel India further said, ‘So we are looking at national level problems and population-scale data for now. We will look at solutions in the area of smart mobility; because we see 17 deaths every hour in India due to road accidents. And that’s why smart mobility is very very critical for us.’ Intel India partnered with the Internation Institute of Information Technology [IIIT], Hyderabad, Government of Telangana, and the Public Health Foundation of India [PHFI] and established an applied AI research center.

Rai stated that the research center would emphasize on image recognition classification and healthcare data processing amidst various fundamental activities. Intel and IIIT, Hyderabad partnered with each other to construct the world’s first open dataset of driving consequences in India and rolled out it worldwide in 2018. The multinational firm said the research center would expand the driving dataset and ascertain applications in the Indian context.

The dataset can provide alert drivers regarding the road conditions to lessen accidents. With the open-source dataset of Indian driving conditions, government, startups, industry, and academia can assist provide road safety, enhanced infrastructure and improved driving behavior said Intel. The research center will also conduct advanced research in the area of public health and work on solutions to broaden health analysis to every individual and enhanced access to healthcare.

Rai said, ‘This pandemic has taught us that healthcare is such a critical segment to build intelligence and leverage the technology backbone such that we can have our 1.3 billion population accessing the 600,000 doctors. So how can we take their intellect and build an expert system for diagnosis and for treatment, that is the goal.’ 

As of now, the research center is working on the ‘standardization of population-scale data’ and constructing models. Rai said besides the healthcare and smart mobility the center would improve its activities into agriculture and education fields. Intel is designing various tools and frameworks on open-source platforms permitting academicians, industries, governments, startups, and others to access them. For more tech updates, telecom news, and upcoming research activities, stay tuned to this website.

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