Manipur Board Class 10, 12 Answer Scripts Evaluation Begins Despite lockdown

The Education Minister of Manipur, Th Radheshyam announced that the evaluation process of 10th and 12th answers scripts were commenced despite the nationwide lockdown. Intending to disclose the results of the board exams as per the schedule and follow the academic plans of the students, the state board made this decision. The Board of Secondary Education Manipur [BOSEM] and the Council of Higher Secondary Education Manipur [COHSEM] have commenced the evaluation session of 10th and 12th papers respectively.

As per the report, the evaluation process was begun on 23rd April 2020. This process is going on at 4 centralized evaluation centers in Imphal under the guidance of the Manipur Education Department. Ramlal Paul Higher Secondary School, C.C. Higher Secondary School, D.M. College of Science, and T.G. Higher Secondary Schools are the venues for carrying out the evaluation process.

Manipur Board Class 10, 12 Answer Scripts Evaluation Begins

During a media conference that took place on 24th April 2020, the Minister spoke about the inspection at the centralized evaluation centers. The authorities of BOSEM and COHSEM also took part in the conference. The Manipur education minister has given an assurance to the students that the evaluation session will be wrapped up by the 1st week of May 2020.

Lakhs of students took part in the higher secondary examination [HSE] and high school leaving certificate examination [HSLCE] this year. All those students need not get tense about losing their academic career amid the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic and nationwide lockdown, said the minister.

The officials from the health department of Manipur are taking essential preventive measures to fight against the COVID-19 epidemic. For that, the department has been implementing strict guidelines like monitoring body temperatures, following social distancing, and more in the evaluation venues.

The Government of Manipur state is taking a slew of measures to make sure that the students’ academic calendar doesn’t get affected due to the imposed lockdown across the nation amid the COVID-19 crisis. In recent times, the state cabinet has announced that it will mass promote all the students of 11th-grade students. Besides promoting the students, the board also decided to begin online classes for the aspirants.

Several educational institutions have already initiated online teaching and learning methods to help the students amid lockdown. Now, the Manipur Government has come to this decision. Stay tuned to this website to get the latest updates about various educational news and results.

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