Odisha Govt Launches Career Portal for Secondary and Higher Secondary Students

The Government of Odisha has launched a career portal in partnership with UNICEF for secondary and higher secondary students. The newly launched portal helps students access information on various careers easily. This in turn helps students acquire a chance to communicate with teachers. The students can get access to various career guidance services via a mobile-friendly app created specifically for the career portal.

Odisha Govt Launches Career Portal for Secondary and Higher Secondary Students

The students can access the official portal through the website http://www.odishacareerportal.com using the student login ID and password. The concerned authorities have launched this portal on Thursday. The Odisha career guidance portal can be accessed in Odia. It’s an exceptional platform that accumulates information on various elements that include colleges, careers, scholarships, entrance exams, vocational institutes, and more.

The official career portal comprises information on about 550 career paths. The students can access the information of more than 262000 colleges and vocational institutes alongside 17000 UG, PG colleges, and vocational institutes across the state and the nation. This portal also provides complete information about 1150 entrance exams such as the application process. The students can access the information available on about 1120 scholarships, fellowships, competitions for higher education in India and abroad.

Samir Ranjan Dash, the School, and Mass Education Minister emphasized that this career portal had been launched at a crucial time as most students are in the need of gaining knowledge on an extensive range of career options. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most of the students are pretty much confused about their career. Hence, this portal helps the students to make significant choices amid the unprecedented education emergency situations.

The remarkable point about this career portal is that its content is contextualized and localized so that the students would be easily able to log into the dashboard via a unique ID generated to access information, post queries, and apply. Satyabrata Sahoo, the School, and Mass Education secretary said, ‘We hope that the career portal reaches all secondary and higher secondary students with its services and information. The portal will enable adolescents to choose a career path in alignment with their aspirations and aptitudes and help to connect them with work opportunities.’

Sahoo stated that it renders opportunities to communicate with popular personalities, mentors from prominent professional and vocational institutes. This helps the students to eventually understand potential learning and career opportunities. Monika Nielsen, the Chief of Field Office, UNICEF said that the Odisha Career portal is an important medium for providing adolescent aspirants of the secondary and higher secondary in the state to direct a smooth transition from school to work via higher education. UNICEF is an organization that supports quality learning interventions. Stay tuned to this website to get the latest educational updates.

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