Spelling Bee Cancelled for The First Time Since World War – 2 Due to Coronavirus Pandemic

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, unexpected changes have been taking place across the nation and the world as well. The popular spelling bee tournament has been going on since 1925. For several years, Indian-Americans have dominated this tournament. Now, for the first time, this tournament has been cancelled amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

It is an open competition conducted for elementary and middle school students. As per the latest reports, the competition has been cancelled this year and will be conducted on 1st June 2021. The 8th-grade participants who are qualified this year at the national title won’t be allowed to take part next year. On Tuesday, the officials of Spelling Bee have released a statement.

Spelling Bee Cancelled for The First Time Since World War – 2

Paige Kimble, the Executive Director of the Bee said, ‘Our hearts go out to the spellers who won’t get their final shot at winning because of the pandemic and the difficult decisions it is prompting us to make. They are now part of a widely expanding group of children and adults who are missing out on opportunities due to the coronavirus.’

After the analyzation, the organizers of the competition have cancelled the event. They mentioned a reason saying that there is no clear path to set a new schedule for the event in 2020 in a safe manner. The whole world is striving hard currently to get over this tough situation due to the spread of novel coronavirus. It’s a prestigious event conducted annually since 1925. This event was cancelled between 1943 and 1945 because of the Second World War.

After a long time, the event has been cancelled this year amid COVID-19 outbreak. This coronavirus is reminding us about the circumstances people confronted during World War-II. We hope people across the globe will soon come out of this risky situation. Bookmark our website to get more interesting updates.

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