Televised Lectures to be Telecasted by DD Sahyadri for School Students in Maharashtra

All the educational institutions across the country were shut on 14th March 2020. Since then, there is no clarity on the schools reopening date in the nation. The time for the initiation of the new academic year has already begun. Still, the Government is in confusion about whether to begin the academic session or not. Intending to reinforce emergency measures, the Pune-based MKCL Knowledge Foundation has planned to launch televised lectures for classes 1 to 8. These lectures will be offered to the students of Marathi-medium for 1st to 8th classes across various state board schools.

DD Sahyadri to Air Televised Lectures for School Students

As per the latest news, the Maharashtra Government offers this new educational programming on Doordarshan’s Sahyadri Channel. TiliMili is the educational program that streams for about 30 minutes on the DD Sahyadri channel from Monday to Saturday. The lecture starts at 7.30 AM for 8th class students. The lectures will be telecasted for lower classes subsequently. The last episode for 1st class students will be streamed at 12.30 PM.

The television lectures for the school students in Maharashtra will commence from 20th July 2020. As per the latest news, the series will be organized for about 10 consecutive weeks until 26th September 2020. As of now, TiliMili consists of 480 episodes i.e., for the 8 classes, there will be 60 lectures each. The officials of the MKCL Knowledge Foundation, Pune-based Grammangal has strived hard to implement various teaching-learning methodologies. They have planned this to provide a stress-free and delighted learning experiences for students.

In an official statement, the Chief Mentor of MKCL, Vivek Sawant said that the Tilimili series will be beneficial. It could be watched by the students alongside parents on their Home TV Sets. This sort of assistance for education helps students in learning various concepts. Stay tuned to this website to get the latest educational updates.

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