THE Impact Ranking: IIT-Kharagpur Best in Country, 57th Globally

Times  Higher Education [THE] has released the list of the most impactful Indian educational institutes on 22nd April 2020.IIT Kharagpur is one of the most impactful educational institutes in India, as per the report. The Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur secured 57th position in the worldwide list of higher education institutes. Considering the social and economic impact of the educational institutes in the society, THE releases this list.

The Times Higher Education conducted this survey for more than 766 universities across 89 countries and regions. Out of these universities, IIT Kharagpur secured 57th spot across the globe. It is the best result for the country in THE global ranking as per the ranking index. IIT Kharagpur acquired 4th position in the world for sanitation and clean water, combined 21st rank for no poverty, 13th position for climate action, 6th spot for zero hunger, and 24th position for clean and affordable energy.

THE Impact Ranking: IIT-Kharagpur Best in Country

Considering all these, THE has given the best position in the list to IIT Kharagpur. All these are the sustainable development goals [SDGs]. Further, IIT Madras obtained 16th spot in the subcategories such as innovation, infrastructure, industry, and figures among the top 32 institutes globally. Besides the IITs, Anna University also secured 7th rank, and the Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science obtained 18th spot in the world for the sub-category of clean water and sanitation.

Previously, Madras and Kharagpur IITs in the country have boycotted the ‘THE global ranking’ claiming that there is a lack of transparency in the ranking parameters. In an official statement, THE said, ‘We hope this great performance will encourage others to take part and demonstrate their commitment to championing a better and more sustainable future.’

Instead of considering the conventional metrics like research achievements and reputation, THE considers the criterion aforementioned. THE claims that it is the first university ranking to utilize this criterion. Phil Baty, the Chief Knowledge Officer at THE appreciated the Indian universities to stand in the top positions as world leaders through their commendable work. The top 4 positions were secured by some of the universities in Australia.

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