Tripura Govt Introduces Neighbourhood Classes for Students Who Can’t Study Online

The State Government of Tripura has planned to commence neighbourhood classes to the school students especially in remote locations who don’t even have access to mobile phones and TVs. One of the officials of the Government disclosed this news on Wednesday. As per the latest report, the classes for such school students will commence from 20th August 2020.

Tripura Govt Introduces Neighbourhood Classes

The nationwide lockdown was earlier started in mid-March. Since then, the Government has closed all the schools and colleges across the state. Despite lifting the lockdown, the Government couldn’t reopen the schools due to the perilous COVID-19 pandemic. However, the Government has initiated virtual classes to the students via Android phones and cable Television networks post the completion of the lockdown.

Through the virtual mode of teaching and learning, it helps the students to engage in the learning process. The official said, ‘But a recent survey conducted by the state Education Department has shown that all students do not have access to phones and TV. So, the government has decided to begin neighbourhood classes from August 20 next.’

With the new initiative, the Government has decided to assist students who couldn’t gain access to the digital mode of learning that is being provided by the School Education Department in the state. Ratan Lal Nath, the education minister of the state in the previous week said that a survey has been conducted by the education minister across 8 districts in the state.

The survey disclosed that out of 3.22 lakh students, about 29 percent of them i.e., 94013 students don’t have mobile phones. On the other hand, about 44 percent i.e., 1.42 lakh students don’t have television access. The education minister said, ‘Since these students cant avail our ongoing classes, we have decided to start neighbourhood classes with 1:5 teacher-student ratio, mostly in remote areas.’

The concerned officials will organize neighbourhood classes in open spaces in the vicinity of the schools. At the time of holding neighbourhood classes, a single teacher would teach a maximum of 5 students following proper precautionary measures like social distancing and others. As per the decision, one teacher would each a total of 2 groups of students a day for a session that lasts long for 2 hours. The students of classes between 3rd and 12th will take part in the neighbourhood classes, said the education minister.

After consulting the guardians, the principal of the headmaster would choose the precise places for conducting neighbourhood classes. Moreover, the concerned school officials will make the necessary arrangements to provide soaps and water for washing hands. Further, the official said that the students who suffer from cough, fever, and other health issues won’t be permitted to participate in the classes. Stay tuned to this website to get the latest educational updates.

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