US Reverses the Order, Back to Flexible Rules for Foreign Students

The President of the US, Donald Trump recently issued a directive announcing that international students with online-only classes won’t be permitted to reside in the US. After issuing this directive, a week later i.e., on Wednesday, the administration of Trump reversed the order. This unexpected change has been decided by the Trump administration and directed all the top-tier US universities, state governments, and technology firms to follow the order.

Again Flexible Rules for Foreign Students by US

After issuing the new order, a district judge in Massachusetts said that the parties made a firm decision to revoke the directive. This particular directive restores the guidance permitting easy student visa requirements amid the COVID-19 pandemic. On 6th July 2020, the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement [ICE] department passed an order asking the international students in the US to move to in-person classes or prefer the jeopardy deportation.

Those students need to leave the US or move to other schools to take part in the online classes. One of the sources said that the White House is now seeking to apply this new rule only to the new students instead of applying it to the students existing in the US. On Monday, the social media giants Google, Facebook, and Twitter rendered their assistance to the legal challenge. The tech behemoths listed the donations of international students to the US economy and skilled research as well.

Upon knowing the reversal, the Massachusetts attorney general posted a tweet on the micro-blogging site. The tweet reads, ‘This is why we sue. The rule was illegal and the Trump Administration knew they didn’t have a chance. They may try this again. We will be ready.’ 

The Federation for American Immigration Reform also reacted to the reversal. It said, ‘This, unfortunately, is yet another example of the administration caving to the pressure of the business lobby and open borders advocates who continue crafting the narrative that international students are somehow anything more than temporary visitors.’

In 2019, about 2 lakh Indian students were present in the US, as per the report issued by the US-based Institute of International Education. Mostly, the international students contribute about $45 billion, said the US-based institute. This huge lump of amount aids the US Government to support its students financially by subsidizing their fees.

Many students opposed the latest political initiative made by the Trump administration. The American Government has been causing immense stress to the international students. Such students are seeking support from the academic community. Stay tuned to this website to get the latest updates about various educational news.

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