Best GATE Books for Materials Science 2021 : GATE Materials Science Preparation Books

Are you exploring the best study material for GATE preparation? If so, you are in the right place. Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering is a national-level entrance examination conducted yearly to provide admissions into various Masters programs. To acquire the best score in the GATE examination, one must carry out adequate preparation. It becomes possible only when you have the right reference books at hand. To help such ambitious contenders, we have come up with this article. The students with a background in Materials Science discipline can practice the solved papers along with the best reference books to crack the GATE exam. This guide gives you an in-depth insight into the list of the best GATE Books for Materials Science 2021. Have a look!

GATE Books for Materials Science 2021

Materials Science is one of the versatile disciplines in the field of Engineering. This subject deals with the design and discovery of new materials especially solids. Materials Science comprises various elements of Chemistry, Physics, and Engineering. It also gives more explanation about the scientific factors that affect the relationships between microstructure and strength of materials. It further discloses the changes to mechanical behavior. To grasp the vital concepts prefaced in this subject, the GATE aspirants need to go through the GATE Preparation Books for Materials Science. To get a decent score in this prestigious exam, make sure you practice the books furnished in this post. Check it out!

Strength of Materials through Questions & Answers for ESE, GATE & PSUs

This book covers more than 300 solved questions on various key topics. To acquire confidence by solving various problems, there are almost 170 practice problems in this book. It also comprises 220 objective type questions alongside a precise explanation of the pattern of questions usually asked in the GATE and IES exams. This book is useful for the students preparing for various competitive exams including GATE, PSUs, and ESE. The text present in this book is explained comprehensively through appropriate illustrations.

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Material Science and Engineering (In Si Units) (SIE)

It is the fifth edition of this book that comprises a total of 15 chapters. Each chapter is again divided into subchapters to explain each concept and topic in a detailed way. This book is fundamentally rolled out to render a compelling foundation to the students in understanding the structure and property relationships of materials. With several solved and unsolved problems, the students can gain immense knowledge of the subject. The key highlights of this book include improved coverage on heat treatment methods, a new chapter on Magnetic Properties, and additional solved examples. It is one of the best GATE Preparation Books for Materials Science that helps the students in cracking the prestigious exam.

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Materials Science And Engineering 13th edition

The key topics covered in this book include Introduction to Engineering Materials, Crystal Structures, Heat Treatment, Thermal Properties, Mechanical Properties, and more. This is the 13th edition of the Materials Science and Engineering book helpful for the GATE aspirants. It is the best reference book that gives an in-depth explanation on various key topics related to this discipline. Besides the GATE examination, this book is also useful for the students preparing for the AMIE and IES exams.

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A Textbook of Material Science by R.K. Rajput

This book comprises a total of 5 units that covers the importance of Engineering Materials, Mechanical Properties and Testing, Ceramics, Ferrous metals and alloys, and more. Each unit is sub-divided into some other vital topics explaining more about the materials, metals, diffusion in solids, etc. Er. R. K. Rajput is the author of this book. The aspirants can either purchase this book or read online as part of the preparation for the GATE examination. At the end of this book, it consists of the solved papers.

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Materials Science and Engineering: A First Course

The students preparing for the GATE exam can find a thorough analysis of the subject with an appropriate explanation in a simple way. The salient features of this book include relevant units and constants prefaced at the commencement of each chapter. It covers more than 350 multiple choice questions along with precise answers. This book comprises examples with appropriate solutions and problems with accurate answers. The vital topics covered in this book include an introduction to Materials Science Engineering, the structure of solids, phase transformations, oxidation and corrosion, nanomaterials, conductions semiconductors and resistors, and more. For quick reference, this book covers SI units, conversion factors, Physical constants, and more.

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GATE Materials Science Reference Books Subject Wise

Till now, you have seen the best reference books that are useful with your GATE exam preparation. We included a brief description of each book related to Materials Science earlier in this article. For more such books and study material, you can access the links provided in the tabular form below. We provided the list of the subjectwise GATE Preparation books for Materials Science. Take a glance!

That’s all! This is everything you need to know about the GATE Books for Materials Science 2021, especially for the aspiring students. Hopefully, this guide has given enough details about the books to refer to crack the entrance examination with the best score. If you have any doubts or queries, just drop them in the comments section. Stay tuned to this website to get the latest updates about the GATE 2021 exam, preparation material for all subjects, tips, and more.

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