BITSAT Important Topics 2020: Check BITSAT Topics and Weightage

As a quote says that ‘Practice makes man perfect’ it is true that how much you practice well for the exam, you can score good in the exam. You have to work hard for any competitive examination where students require thorough knowledge to crack it. When you are preparing for one of the toughest examination like BITSAT 2020, then merely putting efforts is not enough. Students have to work hard for the examination and understand the weightage of each and every topic to score high. Here you are at the right place to know more about BITSAT Important Topics 2020.

BITSAT Important Topics 2020

Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani has announced that it has released the application form of BITSAT 2020 where the authorities are going to conduct the examination from May 16 to 25. The examination is conducted through a Computer-Based Test (CBT). These colleges are well known for its campus facilities such as world-class infrastructure, higher studies, diverse student base and experienced faculty members. To crack this BITSAT 2020, you need to know all the BITSAT Important Topics to work out ease in the examination.

BITSAT Important Topics
BITSAT Important Topics

There are large number of questions for each subject so that it is not fair to leave any topic in the subject. Now, let’s have a look at the BITSAT Important Chapters and BITSAT Chapter wise Weightage 2020 so that candidates can easily crack the examination. Students should also have a clear cut knowledge about the Chapter wise Weightage so that they can work accordingly and leave all other non-important topics.

BITSAT Important Topics and Weightage

It will be a added advantage for the candidates by going through NCERT books where you should cover entire syllabus from NCERT first and then refer other books. It is better to go through all other books as well so that candidates will have a clear cut knowledge on every module. Here we have provided the BITSAT Important Chapters for all the subjects where candidates can work out with ease.

BITSAT Important Chapters in Physics

Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics all the 3 subjects will cover overall 125 questions (out of total 150 questions) asked in the BITSAT exam. So, it is very important for the students to prepare all the 3 subjects without fail. If you are short of the preparation time then it is better to avoid the chapters that are less weightage from BITSAT Chapter wise Weightage when compared to other chapters.

Topics Weightage
 Heat & Thermodynamics 10%
 Magnetic Effect of Current & Magnetism 9%
 Current Electricity 6%
 Wave Motion 6%
 Simple Harmonic Motion 5%
 Fluids 5%
 Electrostatics 5%
 Wave Optics 5%
 Work, Power & Energy 4%
 Ray Optics 4%
 Rotational Motion 4%
 Elasticity 4%
 Gravitation 3%
 Units, Dimension, Errors 3%
 Alternating Current 3%

BITSAT Important Topics in Chemistry

We have provided below a tabular form so that it will help the students to have knowledge on every single subject. Go through these all the topics to crack the BITSAT examination with ease.

Topics Weightage
 Chemical Bonding 10%
 Carboxylic Acid & Its Derivatives 6%
 Atomic Structure 6%
 Biomolecules 6%
 Mole Concepts 6%
 p-block Elements 6%
 Electrochemistry 5%
 Chemical Thermodynamics 5%
 Alkanes, Alkenes & Alkynes 5%
 Chemical Equilibrium 4%
 s-block Elements 4%
 Solid State 4%
 General Organic Chemistry 4%
 Chemical Kinetics 3%
 Ionic Equilibrium 3%

BITSAT Important Topics 2020 in Mathematics

It is better to revise the topics first that are important and then later the other topics which are not important so that you can cover all the topics.

Topics Weightage
 Circles 11%
 Pair of Straight Lines 7%
 Straight Lines 7%
 Continuity & Differentiability 6%
 Vectors 6%
 Complex Numbers 4%
 Differential Equation 4%
 Binomial Theorem 4%
 Theory of Equation 4%
 Sets, Relations & Functions 4%
 Properties of Triangles 3%
 Probability 3%
 Matrices & Determinants 3%
 Trigonometric Equations 3%
 Application of Derivatives 3%

BITSAT Important Topics 2020 in English Proficiency

This English proficiency test is very simple and can check the basic grammar of the candidates. In this subject, you have to understand each and every part clearly so that there is no need of revision before the examination.

Topics Weightage
 Synonyms & Antonyms 30%
 Rearrangement of Jumbled Words 15%
 Sentence Completion 15%
 One Word Substitution 15%
 Tenses 3%
 Modals 3%
 Rules of Conjunctions 3%
 Prepositions 3%

BITSAT Logical Reasoning Important Topics

Here are the important logical reasoning topics for the students so that they can crack the BITSAT Examination 2020 with ease.

Topics Weightage
 Figure Matrix 40%
 Figure Formation & Analysis 40%
 Analogy Test 20%
 Logical Deduction 10%
 Series Test Numerical & Alphabetical 10%
 Paper Folding & Cutting 7%
 Figure Completion Test 7%
 Detection of the Rule 5%

So, these are all the BITSAT Important Topics 2020 for the students. We have provided all these information so that candidates will move on to the right direction to crack the examination with ease. We wish all the candidates Best of Luck for the examination. Stay connected with us for all the latest updates.

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