ATIT Syllabus 2020 for Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and English

IFHE, Hyderabad will be prepping things to conduct the admission test for the aspirants of the country willing to secure seat in the top universities soon.  The exam for the academic session 2020 will be held in May as per the sources. The official notification has been rolled out and many applicants have already filled the forms and submitted online and offline.  Now that the exam is nearby, candidates have been in quest for the ATIT Syllabus 2020 download.  Candidates are requested to download the syllabus from our website as we have uploaded here for your ease.

ATIT Syllabus 2020

It is an obvious fact that the syllabus is of great significance considering that it comes to assistance while preparing for the exam.  Especially for an exam like ATIT, which is an entrance or admission test, it is mandatory to have known the syllabus for the contenders of it.  It is obligatory for the applicants to know the syllabus before thinking of preparation. Candidates need to note that the first step to preparation is knowing the syllabus properly.  Keeping that in mind, candidates can benefit a lot.

We suggest our readers to go check the syllabus that was designed by the exam body in first place. Candidates can also check the ATIT Syllabus from our website.  We have uploaded the updated and latest ATIT Syllabus in this article for your readers.  Without further searches you can simply download the syllabus from our website only.

We have compiled the subject wise syllabus for easy access.  You can easily understand the syllabus thereby. So keeping that in mind, we have separately uploaded the syllabus for all the subjects.  For the uninitiated, there are a total of 4 subjects that students need to take exam for. The names of the subjects include Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and English. 

Candidates can either download the syllabus from our website or from the official website. To download the syllabus from the official website, candidates need to have PDF reader in their system.  The syllabus can only be downloaded in PDF file format from the website. For those who are seeking other ways of download, for instance from our website can download it in normal tabular format. You no need to have any software tools installed in your system such as PDF file reader to open the syllabus.  

Coming back to the syllabus, students need to note that the ATIT 2020 Syllabus is purely based on the 12th education.  Candidates can also refer to the syllabus of their intermediate education of all the four subjects for preparation.  By knowing the syllabus and preparing by it, candidates will be able to cover all the questions without missing on any topic.

ATIT Syllabus 2020 for Mathematics

Mathematics is one of the major subjects in this particular ATIT entrance test.  So, candidates need to be thorough with the syllabus of Mathematics to prepare for the exam well.

Subject Syllabus Topics
Mathematics Sets, Relations and Functions
Complex Numbers
Matrices and Determinants
Quadratic Equations
Permutations and Combinations
Mathematical Inductions and its applications
Binomial Theorems and its applications
Sequences and Series
Differential Calculus
Integral Calculus
Differential Equations
Two Dimensional Geometry
Three Dimensional Geometry
Vector Algebra
Measures of Central Tendency and Dispersion

ATIT 2020 Syllabus for Physics

The syllabus of Physics is also from the 12th standard only.  Candidates can either refer the 12th standard Physics syllabus or can refer it from here.

Subject Syllabus Topics
Physics Units and Measurement
Description of Motion in One Dimension
Description of Motion in Two and Three Dimensions
Laws of Motion
Work, Energy and Power
Rotational Motion and Moment of Inertia
Solids and Fluids
Heat and Thermodynamics
Transference of Heat
Current Electricity
Thermal and Chemical Effects of Currents
Magnetic Effects of Currents
Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Currents
Ray Optics
Wave Optics
Electromagnetic Waves
Electron and Photons
Atoms, Molecules and Nuclei
Solids and Semi-conductors Devices

ATIT Syllabus 2020 for Chemistry

Chemistry is yet another subject in ATIT exam.  Students need to check the syllabus of the subject clearly and practice the problems well to attain good score.

Subject Syllabus Topics
Chemistry Some Basic Concepts
States of Matter
Atomic Structure
Chemical Energetics and Thermodynamics
Second law of thermodynamics
Chemical Equilibrium
Redox Reactions and Electrochemistry
Rates of Chemical Reactions and Chemical Kinetics
Surface Chemistry
Chemical Families – Periodic Properties
Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure
Chemistry of Non-Metals – I
Chemistry of Non-Metals – II
Chemistry of Lighter Metals
Heavy Metals
Chemistry of Representative Elements
Transition Metals including Lanthanides
Inner Transition Elements
Coordination Chemistry and Organo Metallics
Nuclear Chemistry
Purification and Characterization of Organic Compounds
Organic Compounds Containing Halogens
Organic Compounds containing oxygen
Organic compounds containing nitrogen
Synthetic and natural polymers
Bio Molecules and Biological Processes
Chemistry in action
Environmental chemistry

ATIT 2020 Syllabus for English

It is a known fact that English subject is pretty tough when it comes to competitive exams.  So, candidates are requested to check the syllabus of be subject and start preparing hard for it.

Subject Syllabus Topics
English Reading comprehension
Formation of Effective Sentences
Sentence Completion
Common errors

Students can check this ATIT Syllabus 2020 without any second thought as it is updated recently.  If you want to receive latest updates related to ATIT 2020, bookmark our website – KVPY.ORG.IN.

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