GATE Books for Thermodynamics 2021 : Best GATE Thermodynamics Reference Books

Are you a serious GATE aspirant? If so, you need to strive hard to score high in the challenging examination. Practicing the reference books and the previous years’ solved papers is one of the notable ways to prepare for a challenging competitive exam like GATE. Some of the books render an in-depth information related to the subject that an individual is looking for to begin their preparation. One must gain immense knowledge with the key topics and concepts during their preparation. The candidates exploring the apt books for their exam preparation have landed in the right place. In this post, we provided the list of the noteworthy GATE Books for Thermodynamics 2021. Have a glance!

GATE Books for Thermodynamics 2021

Thermodynamics is one of the compelling subjects and is a branch of Physics. This subject deals with three major elements such as work, heat and temperature, and their relation to radiation, energy, and physical properties of matter. Thermodynamics is a fundamental subject in the stream of Mechanical Engineering. Every GATE aspirant looking for an in-depth insight into this subject needs to refer to the best preparation books. Thermodynamics gives a major scope to score high in the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering exam. As it has the utmost weightage, every student must prepare extremely well especially for the whole subject alongside the major topics and concepts. We furnished the list of the Best GATE Books for Thermodynamics in this article. Take a glimpse!

Principles of Engineering Thermodynamics, SI Version, 8ed (WSE)

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Each concept related to Thermodynamics is explained clearly with an adequate number of problems and examples. The latest edition of this book is quite student-friendly so that every individual can easily understand the critical concepts.

Heat Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics

This book covers some of the key concepts of Thermodynamics especially beneficial for the GATE aspirants. Some of the concepts include Kinetic Theory of Matter, Statistical Physics, Heat Flow and Air Conditioning, and more. Heat Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics is the best book helpful for B.Sc. students according to the UGC model curriculum. With simple and detailed explanations, this book is a must for your GATE exam preparation. This book helps students to learn more about statistical mechanics and thermodynamics.

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Thermodynamics: Basic and Applied by V. Ganesan

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The theoretical part of this book is presented in a clear way with practical examples. Each chapter comprises review questions, exercise problems, solved examples, and MCQs. This book helps the students to learn key concepts in each chapter.

Thermodynamics: An Engineering Approach (SIE)

The salient features of this book include an introduction to the First Law of Thermodynamics, forms of energy, thermo-economics, conversion efficiency through familiar settings comprising electrical and mechanical forms of energy, and more. This book has been segmented into 18 chapters that help the students to understand the vital concepts quickly. To fill the gap between knowledge and confidence, the students can improve significant skills by practicing this book. This book covers a wide range of concepts with precise explanations, plenty of practical examples, and figures.

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A Textbook of Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics

This book has been designed especially for the Undergraduate students of Chemical Engineering. The key features of this book include basic concepts and applications of the laws of thermodynamics, significant areas of chemical thermodynamics, etc. By referring to this book, the students can get a thorough analysis of the fundamental laws of thermodynamics alongside applications to practical consequences. Apart from providing innumerable illustrations, this book also covers more than 400 exercise problems, about 200 worked examples, and abundant objective-type questions. The text present in this book is also helpful for the students pursuing various Chemical Engineering-related courses including Environmental, Polymer, and Petroleum Engineering.

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Engineering Thermodynamics by PK Nag

It is the 6th edition of Engineering Thermodynamics that covers real-world Engineering examples to analyze and add developed ideas. Through this book, the students can comprehend the fundamental ideas and helps in understanding the logical development of thermodynamic reasoning. The text present in this book is written clearly for simple understanding purposes of thermodynamic principles. PK Nag, the former professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur is the author of this book. It is an exceptional book for those who are looking to practice more numericals.

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GATE Subject Wise Reference Books for Thermodynamics

Lakhs of candidates appear for the GATE examination every year to get admissions into topmost and highly reputed technical institutes across the country. To secure a decent score is not an easy thing in this challenging exam as the competition level is extremely high. As Thermodynamics is one of the typical concepts of Mechanical Engineering, every individual must emphasize on this subject. To the candidates looking for the best GATE Books for Thermodynamics, we are here to help with the list furnished in this post. Check the subjectwise GATE reference books for Thermodynamics provided below in the tabular form.

That’s it! This is everything you need to understand about the GATE Books for Thermodynamics 2021. We assume this guide has given adequate information about the best reference books to gain immense knowledge in Thermodynamics. If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to ask us in the comments section. For more education-related updates such as GATE exam schedule, results, etc., just stay tuned to this website. Bookmark our website to get latest updates about the education-related news.

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