Delhi Govt Instructs Schools to Implement New School Bag Policy

The Government of Delhi has instructed schools across the national capital to implement the new ‘schoolbag policy’ to lessen the schoolbags’ weight and diminish the students’ burden. Considering heavy school bags as a serious threat to the health and well-being of the students, the Delhi government has planned to implement this new policy. A lot of negative physical effects have been noticed on the growing children due to heavy school bags. It can cause severe damage to the vertebral column and knees of the school children. To reduce all these effects, the Delhi government has made this decision.

Delhi Govt Instructs Schools to Implement New School Bag Policy

The Directorate of Education [DoE] wrote a letter to all the principals of the schools that read, ‘Moreover, in the schools which are functioning in double or multi storey buildings, children have to climb the stairs with heavy school bags which further aggravates the problem.’ The Ministry of Education had informed the new school bag policy in the previous month which is in line with the new National Education Policy [NEP].

Some of the recommendations made by the government include regular checks for school bags to make sure the students don’t carry heavyweights, carrying single notebook for 1st and 2nd classes, no textbooks for pre-primary classes, instructing the parents and students about accurate kind of school bags, encouraging students to use both straps of bags, and more.

Due to carrying textbooks, homework or classwork notebooks, guides, lunch box, water bottles, rough work notebooks, and other heavyweights, the load of a school bag has been increasing. As per the government’s recommendations, the number of textbooks in various classes shouldn’t outdo the number prescribed by the legal bodies. The notice also reads, ‘Heads of schools and teachers should frame a well-designed timetable for each class so that children do not have to carry too many books or notebooks to the school each day.’

The letter also states, ‘For other classes, there shall be one notebook for each subject for exercises, projects, unit tests, experiments, among others, which the students need to bring as per the timetable. Students should not be asked to bring additional books or extra materials to the school.’ Following the new National Education Policy [NEP] suggestions, the weight of school bags for the students from 1st and 10th classes shouldn’t exceed more than 10 percent of their body weight. Stay tuned to this website to get the latest educational updates like the exams, results, reopening of schools, and more.

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