DU Open Book Exams 2020: Students Report Glitches on First Day of Mock Tests

The final year students confronted technical glitches on the very first day of the DU Open Book Mock Exams. The examinees faced issues in downloading question papers and uploading their respective answer sheets. It’s the second time for the students to confront technical problems during mock exams. Previously, the Delhi University conducted mock exams from 10th July. During those exams, the students complained regarding technical glitches. On Monday, the students faced a similar situation.

Before the actual online open-book exam that has been scheduled to be organized from 10th August 2020, the students took part in the mock exams. The Treasurer of the Delhi University Teachers’ Association, Abba Dev Habib said that the concerned authorities have got several emails from the students all through the day due to the technical issues. He further said, ‘It is unfortunate that instead of taking special measures to ease situations for students, getting a degree has been made much harder for terminal semester students. How many mock drills these students will have to face?’

DU Open Book Exams 2020: Students Report Glitches on First Day of Mock Tests

After holding the first mock exams amid a lot of confusion and technical problems, the students and teachers opposed holding the final year exams in OBE format. The initial mock test acquired massive adverse response from the students and teachers because of the technical problems. Some of the students affiliated to the university from various colleges complained that they couldn’t even download the question paper from the official website designed by the Delhi University.

While some other confronted problems in uploading the answer sheets once they finished their exam. Each student was allotted only an hour to scan, upload, and download the answer sheets. But, during the mock test, answer sheet scanning itself took about 40 minutes. As the university has been failing to conduct the mock tests properly, the students started protesting the exams and commenced asking the officials to cancel all the exams.

Due to the continuous protest from the students, the issue of holding the DU Open Book Exams 2020 has been shifted to the Delhi High Court. The Court directed the University to produce their arguments on 31st July 2020. On Monday, the University received about 32786 files. More than 5000 examinees uploaded their answer sheets till 2 PM and about 13013 students just attempted the papers by that time. Stay tuned to this website to get more latest updates about various educational news.

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