GATE Books for Solid Mechanics 2021 : Best GATE Solid Mechanics Reference Books

The GATE aspirants need the best study materials to prepare for this prestigious examination. Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering is the challenging exam that acts as a gateway to various Masters courses in popular technical institutes across the nation. To score big and crack this exam, the students require necessary books for reference and practice purposes. The students of the Solid Mechanics discipline can refer to the best books to learn more about the key topics. In this post, we provided the list of the best GATE Books for Solid Mechanics 2021 for preparation purposes. Check it out!

GATE Books for Solid Mechanics 2021

Solid Mechanics is one of the significant streams in the field of Engineering. This subject deals with the behavior of solid materials specifically their motion and deformation depending on the action of forces, phase alterations, external or internal aspects, and temperature changes. Solid Mechanics is a vital subject for various streams such as Nuclear, Civil, Mechanical, Biomedical, and aerospace engineering for Geology. If you are exploring the best GATE preparation books for Solid Mechanics, you have landed in the right place. This article furnishes the list of the noteworthy GATE Solid Mechanics Reference Books that help with your preparation. Have a glance!

Advanced Mechanics of Solids by L Srinath

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All these key features covered turns this book exceptional. L S Srinath is the author of the third edition of the Advanced Mechanics of Solids book. All the concepts covered in this book are explained clearly with a bunch of illustrations.

Introduction to Solid Mechanics

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With adequate examples illustrated to the theoretical concepts, this book is apt for the GATE aspirants. Moreover, students can get familiar with solving similar problems. To learn more about the Solid Mechanics subject and the vital concepts included in it, this is one of the noteworthy GATE Solid Mechanics Reference Books. This book comprises more than 300 new solved problems. Each chapter is wrapped with a summary of the essence of the material.

Solid Mechanics by S.M.A. Kazimi

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The text is segmented into two different parts. The first part deals with materials properties, stress, and strain theories. The second part covers the basic topics of structural mechanics. An extensive range of solved and unsolved examples of different aspects of the problems are furnished in this book.

A Textbook of Strength of Materials

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In this edition, the students can find a copious number of objective type multiple choice questions that are asked in different competitive exams are included with clear explanations and answers.

Mechanics of Solids by Singh

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Arbind Kumar Singh, the author of this book has covered the key features in it that include the consistent formulation of the strength of materials approach, 3D elasticity for the bar under axial, and more.

GATE Subject Wise Books for Solid Mechanics

To appear for the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering examination with utmost confidence, the aspirants need to prepare the best study materials. Till now, this article has given an overview of the significant GATE Solid Mechanics Reference Books. Now, you can check the subject-wise GATE books for Solid Mechanics in the tabular form furnished below. Check it out!

That’s all! This is all you need to learn about the vital GATE Books for Solid Mechanics 2021 to those whoa re seeking to crack the national-level exam. We hope this guide has given enough information about the key highlights of each reference book. If you have any doubts, just ask us in the comments section. Stay tuned to this website to get the latest educational updates such as the exams, results, GATE exam updates, and more.

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