Gujarat Increases Age Limit to 6 Years for Entry in to Class 1 from 2023-24 Academic session

The education department of Gujarat has increased the age limit to provide admissions to class 1 students. As per the latest news, the current 5 years of age limit has raised to 6 years. This will be implemented from the academic year 2023-24 across different schools of the state board for correspondence with the remaining education board.

Gujarat Increases Age Limit to 6 Years for Entry in to Class 1

The director of primary education’s office has issued a circular on Wednesday. All the district primary education officers, district education officers, district education committees, and administrative officers of all the municipal corporations have been directed to bring awareness among playgroups to remove any ‘conflict situation’ among parents and the aforementioned offices.

Under the Right to Education [RTE] Act rules, the state government of Gujarat had permitted 5 years in 2012 as the entry-level age for admission to 1st class in schools under the Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board [GSHSEB]. Further, it was extended to admissions in various private schools as per the Act’s 25 percent reservation rule.

However, due to the difference in entry-level age, children would be consistently declined admission to CBSE-affiliated private schools and some other education boards where the age limit is fixed at 6 years. M I Joshi, the Director of Primary Education said, ‘From 2023-24 onwards, it would be compulsory for a child to have completed six years of age, as on June 1, to get admission to Class 1. The previous five-year age rule has been changed to six years for which every parent and school should be informed well in advance.’

As per the circular issued by the director of primary education’s office, the revised rule must be directed to all schools under corresponding offices and parents who are willing to admit their kids in pre-primary classes. The order further states that, ‘Schools should be directed to admit children accordingly in playgroup, nursery, junior KG and senior KG in a way that the child when completes pre-primary, reaches class 1 and applies for admission in the academic session 2023-24, should complete six years of age as on June 1.’

The state government of Gujarat also issued a notification mentioning that no elementary school shall accept a child in class 1 who hasn’t finished 6 years of age as of 1st June of the academic year. For the next academic years 2020-21, 2021-22, and 2022-23, a child shall be permissible for admission who has finished 5 years of age as on 1st June of the respective academic year.

Manan Choksi, the president of the Association of Progressive Schools [AOPS] said the age limit disparity between state board schools and other education boards every year would give rise to a huge conflict among parents and the education department. He further stated that ‘The six years age criterion is as per the Constitution and the Right to Education Act, but the state government was following its own rule. We had also brought this to the notice of the government as well as appealed to the Gujarat High Court that if the Constitution provides education from six to 14 years then why is the Gujarat government giving five-year-old children admission under the RTE Act.’

The state government of Gujarat has permitted children who have finished 5 years on 1st June in the 2021-22 academic year. Those children are eligible to get admission to class 1 under the 25 percent reservation under the RTE Act. Stay tuned to this website to get the latest educational updates such as the exams, results, and more.

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