Kerala University to Hold Exam for Students Whose Paper was Accidentally Burnt During Evaluation

The University of Kerala has decided to conduct the exam for the students once again whose answer papers were burnt by an examiner inadvertently. As per the reports, the examiner was evaluating the answer sheets of the subject B.Sc. Chemistry at her home. The papers were burned due to a lamp placed at her home. The examiner is a teacher at MSM College, Kayamkulum. She was evaluating the answer papers of B.Sc Chemistry 1st semester students.

Accidentally, the papers caught the fire from a lamp and were burnt. The Police had filed an FIR against this incident and sent the same to the University authorities. As per the reports, the examiners have been organizing the evaluation process upon the instructions of Kerala University. Due to the nationwide lockdown amid the coronavirus pandemic, the University of Kerala has asked the selected examiners to carry out the evaluation process.

Kerala University to Hold Exam for Students Whose Paper was Accidentally Burnt

R. Annu, the teacher from MSM College told the Police that a total of 38 answer sheets were burnt in the incident. She informed that she was evaluating the papers under a table lamp. After a while, she left the answer scripts at the same place and went to have some food. Meanwhile, the papers caught fire, said the teacher.

The officials of the forensic department and electrical inspectorate department have inspected the location. The department of Police has filed a case. Now, it’s in the hands of the University’s standing committee to decide about the further proceedings. As of now, the university has decided to conduct the exam once again for the students whose papers were burnt.

Dr. N. Gopakumar, the Examination Controller of Kerala University said that the results of other students will be published. The University also informed that the teacher would be summoned regarding this incident. After carrying out a detailed investigation, the University will come up with a final decision based on the report. Just stay tuned to this website to know the latest educational news.

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