No Promotion for College Students in Maharashtra Without Exams

The Higher and Technical Education Minister, Uday Kumar has clarified promoting college students. On Monday, the Minister cleared the numerous queries and doubts of parents and students. As per the announcement, the State Government won’t promote the students without conducting exams. Several rumors regarding this topic have been floating across the internet. The Minister said the students not to believe in such rumors.

Uday Samant, the Education Minister took part in an interview. During the interview, he spoke about various issues. One thing that he spoke was about the way the Universities are trying to help control the spread of the COVID-19 outbreak. He even explained how NSS candidates can help with their voluntary services alongside the administrative department.

No Promotion for College Students in Maharashtra Without Exams

During the interview, he said that the department doesn’t promote the students without organizing the final exams. Soon after lifting the lockdown, the concerned authorities will think about conducting the exams. However, there could be a delay in organizing the exams. The 1st and 2nd year exams will be conducted by the respective colleges. On the other hand, the universities will conduct the 3rd year examinations. He said that the officials cannot pass the students solely based on the average marks.

Speaking about the academic schedule, the Minister said that the authorities have been planning to conduct the exams in the districts where the lockdown is lifted post 14th April 2020. The officials have another plan on conducting the postponed exams. The plan is to announce a common plan for all the universities. To think of a new methodology, the authorities have decided to form a new committee.

Speaking about the reopening of the universities, the officials require at least 2 weeks to handle the things and make necessary decisions. Stay tuned to our website for the education-related news and more.

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