VITEEE Marks Vs Rank: Predict Your VITEEE 2020 Rank Now

The Vellore Institute of Technology will declare the entrance exam result and VITEEE Rank Vs Marks in April. The candidates can check their rank and marks by logging into the official website. Based on the VITEEE rank, the institute will provide admissions to the selected candidates. After the publication of the result, the candidates can visit the website to download the scorecard. Here is everything you need to know about VITEEE marks Vs rank 2020, the factors affecting it and more. Have a look!

VITEEE Rank Vs Marks

The VITEEE marks vs rank don’t vary depending on the categories. The institute will shortlist the candidates based on their VITEEE Rank. Further, the institute will call the candidates for attending the counseling session. The shortlisted candidates are allocated seats in different branches based on their VITEEE marks Vs rank 2020. The institute will decide the rank of the candidate based on his or her marks in the entrance examination.

VITEEE Marks Vs Rank
VITEEE Marks Vs Rank

At the time of the admission process, the Vellore Institute of Technology considers 4 categories. If the categories are increased, the admission fee will increase accordingly. The institute will calculate the candidate’s percentile rank depending on the application form of the individual. For all branches of Engineering, the percentile score will remain the same for various application forms. The total number of marks for the admission exam is 120. The aspirants can check their rank with the name AIR i.e., All India Rank on the official website of VIT.

The candidates will receive an SMS from the institute showing their rank in the message body. The ranks of the candidates will be published on the official website of VIT and also sends SMS to all the candidates individually. If the candidate acquires the score between 65 and 75 then, the institute considers it a good score. For such candidates, there is a fair chance to acquire admission to the Vellore Institute of Engineering. This post tells you the way the institute decides the rank of the candidate based on their marks. You can find the VITEEE Rank Vs Marks in the tabular form given below.

Factors Affecting VITEEE Rank Vs Marks

There are specific factors that affect the VITEEE marks Vs rank.  The Vellore Institute of Technology considers the major factors at the time of providing admissions to the candidates. The institute will consider the marks of the students to determine the VITEEE rank every year. In this post, we have included the key factors that affect VITEEE rank vs marks.

  • Total number of students who attended the VITEEE 2020
  • The difficulty level of the VITEEE exam
  • Previous year’s VITEEE rank vs marks trends
  • Total number of students called for the counseling session and seat allotment
  • Annual admission of the candidates into VIT Vellore Campus and VIT Chennai Campus
  • Highest and lowest scores secured in the entrance examination.

VITEEE Expected Marks Vs Rank

By knowing VITEEE marks Vs rank 2020, the candidates will be able to get a brief idea about their rank. Check the below table that displays the range of VITEEE marks and the expected rank for the corresponding score.

VITEEE Marks / Score VITEEE Expected Rank
115 to 119 500 – 250
90 to 114 2,500 – 501
80 to 90 5000 – 2501
70 to 79 5001 – 6500
60 to 69 6501 – 8500
42 to 59 8501 – 11000
31 to 41 15001 – 20000
Less than 31 20,000

In the above tabular form, you can check the VITEEE marks alongside the expected rank. When the candidates acquire fewer marks i.e., less than 31 then, their rank will reach almost 20000.  By looking at this table, the candidates will be able to assess their correct answers, marks and expect their rank. Mostly, the candidates try to get the score between 115 and 119. To be precise, it is the highest score that a candidate can get in the entrance examination. In that case, the candidate will get a rank between 500 and 250. This way, one can expect their rank based on the candidate’s VITEEE marks or score.

We hope this article has given enough information about VITEEE Rank Vs Marks, factors affecting it and more. If you still have any doubts, don’t hesitate to ask us through the comments section. Stay tuned to this website KVPY.ORG.IN for more latest updates on VITEEE mark vs rank.

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